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Helping plus-size women embrace their bodies unapologetically.

Your worth isn’t defined by a # on the scale or your pant size! It’s time to stop shrinking yourself to fit societys bullshit body standards.

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    You’re Worth It!

    Body Positivity Is About Owning Who You Are.

    Isn’t it time to own who you are, including the body you’re in?! You may not love your body today but you can choose to appreciate it for what it does for you – you’re breathing today and that’s pretty fucking awesome!

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      About Me

      Tish, The Body Positive Fairy Godmother

      You might wonder, how does someone become a Fairy Godmother?

      Well, it’s a long & windy journey so let me take you back to the beginning…

      And I said to my body, softly, “I want to be your friend. It took a long breath and replied, “I’ve been waiting my whole life for this.” -Nayyirah Waheed