Discover 6 Practical Ways to Embrace Body Neutrality

In some recent conversations with plus-size women, a ‘theme’ has popped up—they’re looking for a more realistic way (than body positivity) to have a relationship with their bodies—body neutrality. In this episode, we’ll explore what body neutrality means, why it’s important, and 6 ways to start practicing it right now. 

Timestamps to check out:

[02:00] – Body Neutrality Definition

[05:56] – Diet culture messages fuel comparison and body dissatisfaction struggles.

[07:28] – Struggle with body acceptance, aim for neutrality.

[11:33] – Ditch diet culture.

[14:45] – Stop talking negatively about your body.

Key Takeaways:

  • Why unconditional body positivity can be challenging & how it can be “easier” to find a more neutral approach – body neutrality.
  • The importance of body neutrality.
  • 6 practical ways to practice body neutrality in your own life.

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Next week, we’ll dive into body positivity VS body neutrality.